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Everyone has days when they don’t feel like working out.

We could all use a little more motivation to get going and get on with our workouts which is why we’re listing the top 13 reasons to exercise.  Use this list to motivate you when you’re having one of those days you just don’t feel like working out.

1. To Prevent Disease
There are countless studies showing how exercise can prevent any disease you can think of.  Health disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes are just a few that are prevented through exercise.

2. To Look Great
Exercise helps to tone your muscles, slim your waist, and improve your posture.  It definitely helps in making a good first impression.

3. To Lose Weight and Keep It Off
The main purpose of exercise is to burn fat and keep it off, plain and simple.

4. To Have More Energy
How can expending energy make you have more energy?  It seems impossible but it’s true.  People who work out more have more energy.

5. To Sleep Better
While exercise does boost your energy levels, it also wipes you out when your head hits the pillow.  A better night’s sleep means more energy the next day and the cycle continues.

6. To Age Slower
When you age, your body loses muscle tone.  Exercise helps reverse this process and keeps you looking and feeling younger.

7. To Relieve Back Pain
Many people think when you have back pain, the best thing to do is not exercise.  However, many back pain problems are due to weakness and inflexibility.  Exercise to cure your back pain, but not before consulting a fitness professional, like a personal trainer in Philadelphia.

8. To Ease Depression
There are several studies showing that exercise treats depression just as well, if not better than medication.  Plus, you don’t get any of those nasty side effects you get with medications.

9. To Reduce Aches and Pains
Strengthening the muscles around those achy and painful joints will help relieve pain.  Consult in a professional before beginning a slow, progressive routine.

10. To Stay Mentally Sharp
Those who exercise have been shown to have better memory. A Harvard University researcher called exercise “Miracle-Gro for the brain.”

11. To Enjoy Your Lifestyle
Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable playing with your children if you weren’t out of breath or in pain?  Exercise helps you enjoy those moments without having to think about the stresses you’re putting on your body.

12. To Reduce Sick Days
People who exercise regularly are less likely to miss school or work.  In fact, people who exercise are 50% less likely to call out sick.

13. To Boost Confidence
When you look good, you feel confident.  When you’re confident, a whole world of opportunities come your way.  Confidence could help you nail the job interview or land a date with someone who notices you.


We could all use a little more confidence, a little less ache, and a little more sleep.  What’s your biggest reason for exercising?  Contact us today to reap the benefits of exercise by working with a personal trainer in Philadelphia.