Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I get with my personal training package?

A personalized workout plan delivered to you on our The Summit Fitness Studio app, nutrition tracking, an initial fitness assessment, and tracked progress are all included in your personal training package.

What if I'm not in shape enough to make it through my personal training sessions?

Because we personalize everything about your workout, your intensity will be scaled to your fitness level as well. We aim to keep the intensity challenging, but not impossible. Your fitness level will be determined on day one with our fitness assessment testing so you can be assured that you’ll have the appropriate intensity for you.

Do you track the progress of your personal training progress?

Yes! Every personal training client that starts a package with us must go through a fitness assessment with their trainer. The fitness assessment is a series of tests that your personal trainer will run to help determine your current fitness level and what type of program will work for you. These tests include tracking your body fat percentage, girth measurements, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and more. It will also help us develop a baseline measurement of your fitness level. After several weeks, your personal trainer will re-assess you to show your improvement.

How often do I need to train to see results?

This all depends on what your fitness goals are and how soon you want to achieve them. For maximum results in the fastest amount of time, we recommend at least 2 sessions per week.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will feel results before you see results. In the first few weeks, you’ll feel more energy, you’ll sleep better, you may even be in a better mood. Then, you’ll start getting stronger and muscles may feel tighter. After about 2-3 months, you’ll start feeling a difference in the way clothes feel and people will start noticing that you look different.

Does the personal training studio get crowded at peak times?

While there are certainly more clients in the studio at peak times (before and after 9-5 jobs), it’s never overcrowded. There are many personal training studios our size that have 7 or 8 personal trainers training at once, sometimes with small group training classes, which can cause massive overcrowding during peak hours. We exclusively offer 1 on 1 training and limit the amount of trainers that train at once to keep the private feel that every personal training studio should have.

Where do you train clients?

Our personal training studio is located at 1429 Walnut Street on the 4th floor, just blocks away from Rittenhouse Square in Center City, Philadelphia. Our studio is approximately 2200 square feet and has a full bathroom with shower for clients on the go. Our equipment is top of the line and features some equipment that even large gyms do not have available.

Am I going to bulk up by lifting weights?

Muscle is more dense than fat so 1 lb of muscle is smaller than 1 lb of fat. So if you replace fat with muscle, you’ll actually be smaller at the same exact weight. For women, bulking only happens when you gain muscle and don’t lose any fat or worse yet, gain more fat. This can be avoided by watching your diet and making sure to do more cardio. Men typically have more testosterone, so if bulking up is desired, your personal trainer can modify your exercises to achieve that result.

What are the best exercises for getting rid belly fat?

Excess fat on the belly, upper arms and inner thighs doesn’t typically occur in isolation. If you’ve got it there, chances are you’ve got it everywhere, so unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce. No exercise will target fat in just one part of the body, exercises will only add muscle to that part of your body. You need to target them all via exercise and proper nutrition. A personal trainer can help reduce overall fat and increase muscle to give you a more lean look.

Do I need to go on a no carb, low calorie diet to lose weight?

Absolutely not. Healthy carbohydrates are vital to giving your body the energy it needs to fuel you through workouts. While you will want to avoid over-eating, we do not recommend diets with dangerously low calorie levels, which can cause health complications. Our trainers have nutrition knowledge to help you and we also partnered with registered dietitians to help make this process easier.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours before the scheduled workout. Any appointment canceled with less than 24 hours notice is forfeited.

How do I get started?

Book your free consultation by clicking HERE!