Meet the Trainer – Matt

Get to know personal trainer, Matt Godlewski! Matt is an experienced personal trainer in Philadelphia who has been on staff since July of 2017 and has a degree in kinesiology from the University of Maryland. Matt is also certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).   


Where are you from?

Haddonfield, New Jersey


What motivated you to be a personal trainer?

The ability to personally impact and teach the benefits of fitness that have helped me stay physically and mentally well.


What’s your favorite healthy meal?

A green smoothie


Favorite “cheat” meal?

Chik-Fil-A sandwich


What’s one thing you wish everyone who signed up with a personal trainer knew about the process?

That if your last rep was easy, it’s probably not hard enough. 


Favorite exercise?



How do you keep your clients motivated?

Checking in to make sure their life outside of our sessions is aligning with their goals. 


What’s the number one thing you see other personal trainers doing wrong when with a client?

Just going through the motions.


When someone finds out you’re a personal trainer, what question do they always ask you?

“Do you do fasting?” 


What destination is #1 on your bucket list?



Favorite tv show all time?



What are some qualities of the best personal trainers?

Being honest, aware, and up-beat with your personal training clients.


To work with Matt or one of our other talented trainers, call us at 267-455-0100 or contact us today to work with a personal trainer in the best gym in Philadelphia!