The Summit at Rittenhouse
Rachel Hydock - Personal Trainer and Manager at The Summit at Rittenhouse

Rachel Hydock

Manager, Trainer

education: B.S. in Kinesiology - Penn State University

Rachel Hydock joined The Summit at Rittenhouse staff in May of 2015. Rachel graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in kinesiology where she specialized in movement science, being taught not only biomechanics, but also sport psychology, motor behavior and neuroscience. She has spent years after college working in physical therapy, gaining knowledge and first hand experience working with those who have physical limitations while needing rehabilitation. During those years she gained a deep respect and passion for physical fitness, particularly the benefits of living an overall active lifestyle. Rachel decided to become a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and began her training career in New Haven, CT, where she taught her clients to trust the process and push their limits. She believes that physical fitness should be a lifelong journey that holds as much priority in life as your career and personal relationships, as it is a relationship with yourself and your vitality should always be a focus.
Rachel’s inspiring disposition, accessibility, supportive and accepting nature coupled with her vast knowledge have made her a life changing addition to many personal training clients. In addition to being outstanding personal trainer, Rachel is also the manager of The Summit at Rittenhouse, where she meets with all prospective clients and takes on day to day responsibilities.

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