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InBody Composition Testing

There’s more to your health than just the number on the scale. Our advanced InBody assessment measures your entire body composition in just 45 seconds. Body composition is a more accurate measure of your health than the scale because it divides your weight into muscle, fat, and water. It will tell you exactly what you’re losing, gaining, or maintaining as you go through your fitness program. With body composition analysis, you can measure your fat and muscle mass, track your progress, and make any changes needed to track your progress. The InBody test is accurate, fast, and non-invasive – simply step on the device, grab the handles, and in 45 seconds, you’ll receive a detailed printout of your body composition that will be analyzed by one of our personal trainers on staff.

What Will You Learn From an InBody Test?

1. Find Your Baseline

A scale only shows your weight as a basic number. Find out how much of your weight is skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass to find your baseline so you know exactly what you need to lose, gain, or maintain. 

2. Assess Your Body Fat Percentage

The scale alone does not differentiate between muscle mass and fat mass. Percent body fat is a better indicator of health as it compares your fat levels to your total weight. You can improve overall health by focusing on losing fat, not just losing overall weight. 

3. Measure Segmental Lean Mass

The InBody shows how many pounds of lean muscle mass you possess in each segment of your body (right and left legs and arms, and trunk) and how well developed it is. Our staff can spot inefficiencies or imbalances and tailor your exercises to achieve adequate lean muscle mass in each part of your body. 

4. Calculate Your Caloric Needs

Basil metabolic rate is the minimum number of calories your body requires while at rest. You can use this number to calculate your caloric needs based on your goals, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance. As you gain muscle mass, your metabolic rate will increase, so monitoring this number is critical to success. 

5. Set Your Goals and Track Progress

Set goals and take an InBody test every few weeks to spot changes in your body composition. With the help of one our personal trainers on staff, you’ll be able to monitor and adjust your routine to avoid hitting plateaus. 

Why Take An InBody Test at The Summit?


The Summit at Rittenhouse is a private personal training studio with a warm, welcoming environment. We realize that reviewing your body composition can be a private and personal matter that should be taken delicately. Our staff is friendly and professional, and they are ready to help you understand the results of your InBody testing.

Each of our personal trainers on staff have a degree in exercise science, so they have a deep understanding of body composition and how to interpret these results into easy-to-understand, meaningful explanations. The personal trainer who runs your tests will explain every aspect of the test and what areas you’ll want to focus on with your specific goals in mind. We’ll then explain the action steps necessary to accomplish these goals in a safe and effective manner. By continuing to get regular InBody testing done, you’ll see how small changes in your programming can have real effects on your body’s composition and health.

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