Reviews from our happy personal training clients!

– Karen S. from Philadelphia

“Today marks two months since I started at The Summit at Rittenhouse. I have the great pleasure of working out with Rachel, who is dynamite. I researched other personal training centers in the area and The Summit simply had what I was looking for: state of the art facility; knowledgeable staff; and a philosophy similar to my own. It is an investment, both physically and financially, but who better to invest in than yourself. Rachel is a great motivator. I train with her at 6 a.m. twice a week and she is always upbeat, puts on a kick-butt playlist, models exercises to ensure maximum results, and pushes me…knowing that I have the extra effort even when I don’t think so. I know she is genuinely concerned about my well-being and is on this journey with me to help me achieve my goals. I am down 10 pounds and 10 inches…most of which came off in one month (the first month I was still eating everything but the kitchen sink!) I am looking forward to more loss which will be huge gains in my get fit journey!”

-Chris S. from Philadelphia

“The Summit at Rittenhouse is the best training site in Philly. I’ve been a member since January and I am be trained by Shawn Irving. Shawn is super personable and very knowledgeable. He broke down each exercise and explained the muscles it impacted. I was always looking forward to our workout sessions. He helped me build overall strength and helped me train for my first ever Broad Street Run. If you need the motivation or people to get you through to your fitness goals, I highly recommend The Summit at Rittenhouse.”

– Sean G. from Philadelphia

“Matt is a fantastic trainer. He makes sure to tailor workouts according to my fitness goals, explains the benefits of the exercises we’re doing, and consistently shows me new exercises. He’s a good, personable dude who cares about doing a great job.”

– Lindsay H. from Philadelphia

“I have been working out here with Shawn Irving since February and have been extremely happy with the results and services that I have received since I started. Shawn is very flexible and accommodating with scheduling times to work out that fit with my schedule during the week and he personalizes my workouts to target the areas that I want to work on. He also will give you a variety of different exercises that you can do at home on your days off if you want. I would highly recommend The Summit at Rittenhouse and Shawn Irving as a personal trainer to anyone.”

– Chris C. from Philadelphia

“Liz is an expert trainer who knows how to get the best out of me. It is amazing how a couple 30-minute sessions each week and the home workouts that she created for me have made a big difference in a short time. She and the other personal trainers are very professional and approachable. My experience couldn’t be better.”

– Daniel C. from Philadelphia

“I really enjoyed working with Mike. He’s very personable and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fitness. Works outs were appropriately geared to what I was able to do and would get progressively more challenging as our sessions went on. I definitely feel stronger and more fit. Highly recommend him!”

– Yoni Z. from Philadelphia

“Matt has a thorough understanding of different exercise routines and is careful to tailor each workout to what we think is best to focus on that day. Is very flexible with his schedule. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”

– Jaja J. from Philadelphia

“Signing on with The Summit at Rittenhouse was the best thing I have ever done for myself. My trainer is Mike and he is AWESOME! He strikes a perfect balance between accountability and support. He takes away the stress of figuring out a daily exercise routine which allows me to only focus on getting stronger, healthier, and leaner. It makes a difference to train with a professional who not only understands technique but received a degree to better understand the physiology of the body… I have seen more results in 3 months with Mike than I have in my years in the military.

I am a 41 year old physician with a busy schedule, but my 3 sessions a week are the highlight of my week because I am seeing results, energized and happier!”

– Robert A. from Philadelphia

“I’ve been working with Mike Orzolek for a while now and could not have had a better experience. He makes the workouts fun and interesting each session. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the body and exercise science and is always explaining why I’m doing each exercise and how I’m benefitting from it. He’s so easy to get along with and very patient. He makes me look forward to each session and makes the overall experience a great one. The gym itself is fully equipped with everything you could need and is always clean. Each staff member I’ve encountered has been incredibly friendly and helpful.”

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