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Virtual Training – What to Expect

Our goal is to keep virtual sessions as close to in-person sessions as possible, outside of exercises that need spotting or heavy equipment. Just like our in-person training, virtual training is highly personalized to your goals and abilities, with your trainer creating a custom training plan just for you. All of our virtual sessions last 30 minutes. Nutrition and diet support is also included, as it’s a key part of your health and fitness. You can talk to your trainer about your diet anytime, and you can also set up calls with our dietitians.

Getting Started

How Virtual Training Works

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We start all of our training relationships with a free consultation over the phone or in person, during which you’ll tell us about your goals and current fitness and we’ll give you a rundown on what to expect. Then we’ll match you with the perfect trainer for you.

After getting matched with your trainer, we’ll do a virtual fitness assessment. This lets your trainer see you in action and truly understand your fitness level and abilities so that they can design a customized training plan to help you achieve your goals.

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After this, all of your sessions are virtual. They last 30 minutes, and our scheduling is flexible to fit your schedule.

Why Choose The Summit at Rittenhouse?

We offer private personal training sessions and nutrition support for people looking to upgrade their health. Our mission is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with a personalized training regimen.

All of our trainers on staff are certified by a nationally recognized organization and have a college degree in exercise science. No matter your situation, injury history, or fitness level, our trainers have the experience and expertise to create a customized plan for you that will get results.

What You Need For Virtual Training


While equipment isn’t required, we typically suggest buying a few small, inexpensive pieces of equipment to get the most out of your virtual sessions. When you meet your trainer, the two of you will go over the equipment you already own and your trainer will make recommendations about what might be helpful, based on your fitness goals and abilities.


Our virtual training sessions are held over video via our training app, so all you’ll need is a smartphone or tablet — and a place to prop it up so your trainer can see you while you’re training. We recommend a cheap phone tripod.


You’ll want to make sure your space is set up properly before your session begins. Set up your tripod and phone, check your internet connection, get used to the app we’ll use, and make sure you have good lighting so your trainer can see you. Also, carve out an open space in your home to do the workouts — you don’t want to risk knocking something over!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I can’t say enough positive things about the experience—virtual training has made Rachel’s strengths even more apparent. Her ability to come up with completely different workouts for me 3x a week that use equipment I already have—and that also don’t aggravate my injury—is so impressive and appreciated. Her attention to my form (and now to my injury as well) has not diminished at all, and is a testament to just how well she understands movement that she can tell what I need to correct with only half my body in view at times. I’ve definitely felt and seen numerous changes in my body since working out with Rachel virtually and I always look forward to our sessions!”

Rachel from NYC

“I was truly impressed by The Summit’s ability to pivot to virtual sessions when the pandemic hit. My trainer, Mike, tailored my workouts using the only equipment I had at home: my body weight and resistance bands. The virtual sessions give me the freedom to work out no matter where I am, which recently allowed me to care for a family member elsewhere in the country while still taking care of myself. I still feel as strong as I did when working out face-to-face, and Mike is still there in high definition motivating me every step of the way. I can see why he’s an excellent coach!”

Jennifer from Philadelphia

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