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Exercise is Only Half the Battle

To unlock your full potential and embrace a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise need to work together. When you join us at The Summit, you’ll have access to our top-tier trainers and facilities, plus our partnership with the registered dietitians at Family Food.

Take advantage of expert advice in food and exercise so you can make the most of your personal training. The dietitians at Family Food will work with you to find eating habits that work with your fitness goals so you can reach them quicker and more holistically.

Meet with a registered dietitian and gain control of your diet!

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Why Work with a Registered Dietitian?

There’s a big difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian. Only a registered dietitian is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is required to do continuing education. On the other hand, “nutritionist“ is a very broad term for a nutrition professional who may end up giving you harmful advice.

Just like our educated and experienced trainers, registered dietitians have the knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals. Their extra training prepares them to help you meet dietary restrictions and support your exercise regime for optimal results.

Registered dietitians count as healthcare professionals, unlike nutritionists. Family Food accepts all Philadelphia area insurances, so you can boost your personal training regimen at no extra cost and reap all the benefits of working simultaneously with trainers and dietitians.

With our integrated partnership, your trainer and your dietitian will work together to craft the perfect training and nutrition plan for you. When you have both professionals working together, you can supercharge your efforts and meet your goals in no time. As your trainer adapts your workouts, your dietitian will modify your nutrition needs so you can get the most out of your health journey.

We make it easy for you to combine your fitness goals with your overall health. You can meet with your dietitian right from our gym so you have one convenient and central location to take charge of your health.

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