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Personal Training

A Personal Training Program Designed Just For You!

At The Summit at Rittenhouse, we believe in making your fitness journey about you. When you join us, you’ll get a private and personalized approach to fitness. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to training programs, instead, all of our programs are tailored for each client to maximize results.

Whether you’re looking to rehab from injury, train for a marathon, or just lose a few pounds, our personal trainers can get you to your goal safely and effectively in our private gym.

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We exclusively offer 1 on 1 personal training, so you’ll always have the full attention of your trainer, allowing them to focus on your form, spotting, answer any questions you may have, and customize the level of intensity to suit your needs, not to mention creating a personalized, comprehensive health and fitness program designed to help you achieve your goals and maximize your efforts.

Getting in shape and staying fit doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment in the gym. Our very popular 30-minute workout programs get results in less time. The workouts are more efficient and hit several muscle groups at once as opposed to only performing isolated exercises. Your trainer will start on time and give you structured breaks to save time.

Our trainers each hold a degree in exercise science and have years of hands-on experience, so they are uniquely qualified to create a custom program for you that takes into account your injury history, your current fitness level, and your goals and fears. We bring our expertise and experience to create a safe and efficient program that works for you.

We're in Rittenhouse


We're conveniently located in Center City, steps from Rittenhouse Square. So whether you live in Old City, Rittenhouse Square, or University City, we’re only a short walk away! Come work out before or after work, or during your lunch break. Our Rittenhouse studio is equipped with shower facilities for your convenience.

After you contact us, we’ll respond immediately to set up your free consultation to discuss goals, scheduling, and more. From there, we’ll figure out the right program for you, connect you with a personal trainer, and schedule your initial fitness assessment.

Contact us for your free consultation!