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As a client at The Summit, you'll train with our highly educated and experienced personal trainers in a private, luxury studio. All training at The Summit is one-on-one so every aspect is highly customized - from the types of exercises you are prescribed to the time of day you work out. Find out how The Summit can customize your fitness results. Book a free consultation to learn more about our services today.

Train with Experts

All of our personal trainers have college degrees in exercise science and multiple years of personal training experience, making The Summit the only gym or personal training studio in Philadelphia with that distinction. With that level of education and experience, you are getting a true fitness professional. All of our personal trainers also have up-to-date, nationally recognized certifications and are required to keep up with the most recent guidelines through continuing education. This leads to more effective programming and injury prevention.

Train in Private

As a client, you’ll enjoy a private personal training studio, free from gym crowds and distractions. Only personal trainers and their clients utilize the studio during sessions, making it easier for you to relax and focus during your workout. Our two studio locations are conveniently located on Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square and feature brand new, state-of-the art, high-end fitness equipment in a private setting.

Train with Purpose

Our personal trainers maximize every second of each session by creating personalized workouts that are based on your current fitness level, goals, body composition, injury status, and more. By having goals and workout plans created by a personal trainer, you can feel confident that each session is done with intention specifically for you. This pays dividends over time as you enjoy effective and efficient sessions, and successfully progress towards your fitness goals.

Train with Insight

Understanding your body is critical to establishing achievable fitness goals and informing optimal workout plans. As a client at The Summit, your body composition is measured using the InBody 570 during your first session. This device measures the amount of fat, protein, minerals, and water in your body which informs you and your personal trainer how many pounds of fat and muscle you need to gain or lose to reach your goals. Arms and legs are measured separately to identify muscular imbalances or areas of weakness that need to be addressed to avoid future injuries. After the initial assessment, measurements are collected throughout your fitness journey to ensure that you and your personal trainer remain on track towards your goals.

Train with the

The Summit has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp from happy personal training clients in the Philadelphia area. Additionally, Philadelphia Style Magazine recently named The Summit in the Best Personal Trainer category of their Best of Philadelphia Style edition. Click to read some of our glowing reviews and view client testimonial videos on our Reviews page.

Train with Peace
of Mind

As a client at The Summit, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to billing, scheduling, and customer service. Our personal training memberships are billed monthly in a client-controlled portal where you can modify, pause, or cancel memberships without hassle. Unlike many gyms, there are no setup or maintenance fees. Our personal trainers work with your individual availability to schedule sessions and appointment reminders are automatically sent to you via email and text. See how easy it is to schedule with us by booking your free consultation.

What to Expect


After contacting us, you’ll be taken through our step-by-step system to make sure you receive your desired results.

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Assessment
  3. Trainer Programming
  4. Workouts
  5. Re-assessments & Adjustments

Free Consultation

The consultation starts with you telling us what you’d like to accomplish with your fitness goals. We’ll chat about your general health, your current exercise regimen, and any medical or injury history that will affect your training. We’ll pass this information to your personal trainer so they have everything they need to know to help you. We’ll also tell you everything you need to know about pricing, logistics, and membership. If you’re ready to sign up, all paperwork can be handled in person or over the phone/email and your assessment will be scheduled.

Your initial fitness assessment will be when your personal trainer records your baseline fitness measurements by assessing your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, strength & endurance levels, range of motion, and more. This baseline measurement will help your personal trainer develop a fitness program that will be appropriate for your current fitness levels and your goals. Your personal trainer will also ask questions about your past exercise and health history to paint a better picture of your current health needs. 

Trainer Programming
Once the fitness assessment has been completed, your personal trainer will then take the information gathered and use it to develop your new fitness program. Based on your current cardiovascular levels, strength numbers, and mobility measurements, your trainer will be able to create workouts that are appropriate for your fitness level. Your personal trainer may create more mobility workouts in your program if mobility was lacking during your assessment or they may create workouts that focus more on improvement of cardiovascular fitness if that area of fitness was lagging behind during your assessment. The key is to create a personalized fitness program based on your results. 

Once the fitness program has been developed, your workouts will begin on the next scheduled appointment. Your first few appointments may involve more instruction than usual due to the fact that your trainer is instructing proper training form during each new exercise. Each exercise is demonstrated to the client while an explanation of what muscle groups are involved along with any common mistakes in form. Every exercise is also set up by the trainer, meaning any specific adjustments on machines or weight added to a barbell will be done for you. During and after each exercise, your trainer will give positive feedback and reinforcement on your form and ask questions about the difficulty of the exercise so that an appropriate intensity can be set. 

Re-Assessments & Adjustments
After several weeks of workouts have taken place, some assessment tests will be repeated to monitor progress, like body composition. After 90 days, a full body re-assessment will take place to confirm the results of the last 90 days of the fitness program designed and implemented by your trainer. Upon viewing the results, small adjustments may be made to keep the client on target to reach their end goal. If the goal is ultimately met, the trainer and client may work together to establish new goals to continue their progress. 

Why Hire a Personal Trainer


Why should you hire a certified personal trainer for one on one instruction?

  1. Extra accountability to your personal trainer
  2. Perfect form on every rep
  3. Workouts and goals are customized just for you
  4. Much more time efficient than training alone
  5. Work out on your schedule

Private Personal Training in Philadelphia

Going to the gym is a different experience for everyone. Some people love it, some people loathe it. But regardless of what your feelings are towards the gym, everyone is there for the same reason – to get results.

Getting results means something entirely different for each gym-goer. Some people are focused on improving their general fitness while others focus on weight loss or strength training. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, you won’t achieve them if you don’t understand what to do at the gym.

At The Summit, we know how to help you reach your goals. Each of our trainers are well educated in the field of exercise science and the most effective methods of training. We’ve quickly become one of the top personal training gyms in Philadelphia because we know the best and most effective ways to help you reach your fitness goals.

Join our private personal training studio in Philadelphia

When you sign up with The Summit, you’ll be assigned your own personal trainer. Your trainer will begin by determining your starting point with a fitness assessment at our gym. This assessment will help us determine your personalized program and workout plan while you’re working out in our gym.

Once we’ve developed a fitness plan for you, your workouts will begin. You’ll have access to our beautiful private gym in Philadelphia and receive one-on-one training with your personal trainer. Your workouts will focus on your specific goals, whether they be workouts focusing on cardio, strength training, injury prevention, or many more goals we can help with.  Our two studio locations are conveniently located in Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square in Philadelphia. 

Your trusted Fitness Studio in Center City Philadelphia

Whether you work in downtown Center City, Rittenhouse Square, or Washington Square, our luxury personal training studios are never too far. In fact, many of our private personal training clients who come to our gyms, live or work just a few blocks from each location!

Our personal trainers have flexible schedules. Whether you’re free in the morning, afternoon or evening, our private personal training sessions are personalized to meet your busy schedule. Your personal trainer will meet with you on the days you choose, and you’ll be given a workout plan to follow on the days you aren’t meeting with your trainer at the gym, so you always have a plan, whether you’re in the gym or not.

Best Personal Trainers in Center City Philadelphia

While our location makes us accessible, it’s results that have made our private trainers the best in Philadelphia. We’ve received hundreds of reviews from happy clients who thrived using our private personal training services.

What makes our private trainers special is they’ve studied, utilized and implemented the best training programs for different fitness goals. While other private trainers only possess basic personal training certifications, our personal trainers have received at least their bachelor’s degree in exercise science and relay their expertise to their clients so they aren’t just utilizing the best fitness practices – they understand why.

Be a part of the best personal training gym in Philadelphia, PA

Other gyms in Philadelphia can be overwhelming, intimidating, or just not your scene entirely. These types of gyms have no interest in you achieving your goals. If you’re tired of being intimidated by large gyms, crowded weight rooms or simply aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, we can help. Get the expert private training you deserve with The Summit, without the extra long-term commitments you may get from other gyms in the Philadelphia area.

Our clients enjoy month to month billing that allows them to modify their packages easily. Unlike traditional gyms, The Summit doesn’t lock anyone into long term contracts that are impossible to get out of it. Putting your training on hold has never been easier than with The Summit, because we know that life can be unpredictable. With fair, common sense billing policies like this, it’s no wonder The Summit is rated as one of the best gyms in Philadelphia on Yelp and Google.

With the help of our clients, The Summit is redefining what it means to be a fitness coach and how fitness goals are reached. Quit wasting time with traditional gyms and come try what a personalized workout with The Summit is like. Get a customized program for weight loss, injury prevention, or strength training from one of our talented personal trainers and discover how you can break through frustrating plateaus.

Our private personal training studio can make any client feel comfortable and at home. If you’re searching for female trainers who have in-depth backgrounds and impressive skills, we won’t disappoint you. All the trainers on staff experienced working with both male and female personal training clients, so you’ll get the results you want, no matter which trainers you work with. If you want to reach or even surpass your fitness goals, our personal trainers can create a program that will be targeted specifically for you and your goals, so you see the best results possible!

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