The Summit at Rittenhouse
Matt Falkenburg - Personal Trainer at The Summit at Rittenhouse

Matt Falkenburg

Personal Trainer

education: B.S. in Exercise Science - Temple University

Matt Falkenburg joined The Summit at Rittenouse staff in May of 2021, shortly after graduating from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. During his time at Temple, Matt gained valuable skills and knowledge about the science behind exercise and personal training. Matt was also an intern with The Summit at Rittenhouse during the fall of 2019. During this internship, Matt went through hundreds of hours of employee training, trainer shadowing, testing, and training his own clients for 1 on 1 personal training sessions. After the successful completion of his internship, he then went on to train at a private gym in Philadelphia where he continued to hone his craft in both a 1 on 1 and a group training setting. In May of 2021, shortly after COVID shutdowns were ended, Matt was invited back to work for The Summit due to his lasting impression he made during his internship. His incredible knowledge base and friendly personality are what make him an excellent addition to The Summit at Rittenhouse team.


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