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Each new year, millions of Americans plan out their fitness goals. Whether it be part of their New Year’s resolution or a desire for the perfect beach body, many people start with good intentions but fall short on the follow through. As experienced personal trainers in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, we’ve created this list to highlight the most common reasons why people abandon their fitness programs and how our trainers can help you stay on track.


Lack of time is one the most common reasons for quitting a fitness program. The modern work schedule doesn’t leave much time for self care, but with the help of a personal trainer, you can develop a program that is both effective and efficient. At The Summit Fitness Studio, we offer training sessions that last as little as 30 minutes so you still have enough time for the rest of your busy schedule.


Unrealistic expectations are a huge killer of motivation and usually leads people to quit their fitness routines. Trying to lose 20 lbs in a month can seem daunting and downright frustrating when you inevitably fail. Working with a personal trainer allows you to develop a personalized fitness goal, map out your workouts, and measure your results as you progress. This individualized planning also lets you develop realistic expectations that are both measurable and attainable.


No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. In our experience, clients who have a strong sense of motivation are far more likely to succeed than clients who don’t. It starts with believing in yourself and having confidence that you’ll succeed. At The Summit Fitness Studio, we help our clients develop the confidence to motivate themselves because self-determination is more beneficial to helping them stick to their fitness routine than external motivation.


Not only is having a workout-related injury painful but finding the motivation to return to your fitness program after recovering can be next to impossible. As personal trainers, we guide our clients through each exercise so that we can ensure that they are using the proper form to prevent injury. Already injured? Our professional staff can help rehab certain injuries to get you back to feeling like yourself.


If you’re not comfortable in the setting you’re working out, you’re unlikely to want to go at all. The most common reason people come to us instead of large gyms is that they are tired of the intimidating and overcrowded gym scene. When you choose The Summit Fitness Studio, you won’t ever have to worry about working out in a crowded or intimidating facility. Our training programs are designed to give you a private and personalized experience that feature the most innovative techniques and high-quality equipment.

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