The Summit at Rittenhouse
Now offering massage therapy at Rittenhouse

Massage Therapy Now Offered at The Summit at Rittenhouse

The Summit at Rittenhouse is proud to announce that we now offer massage therapy services in our studio. By adding massage services to our studio, our personal training clients now have access to a Licensed Massage Therapist to be able to recover faster from a rigorous workout or injury and have the ability to restore their body to its best form. Our massage therapy room is right down the hall from our training spaces within our personal training studio, however, the space feels separated, quiet, and private. Upon entering the room, you’ll notice the sounds of a tranquil spa, like trickling water, calming music and a gentle fan. The décor in the massage room is warm and inviting, making you instantly relaxed before even laying on the table.


If you’re already a personal training client of ours, you’ll feel that you have an entire team dedicated to your health and wellness. During your personal training sessions, your trainer will help you become stronger, more mobile, and more. When you schedule your massage, your trainer will be able to communicate with your therapist to indicate exactly what muscles are tight or sore, giving detail that you personally might not be able to give or identify. This level of care is truly that of a fully encompassing wellness team.


Whether you are a personal training client or not, you’ll have the ability to book a one time massage or become a member to receive monthly massages of either 30, 60, or 90 minutes. These regular, monthly sessions will help your body stay in peak physical condition, before tightness and limited range of motion set in and set your workouts back. To view and book our memberships and one time session options, view our massage therapy page or you can call our main number at 267-455-0100.