The Summit at Rittenhouse
Brian Maher - Owner of The Summit at Rittenhouse

Meet The Summit Owner Brian Maher

Get to know the founder and owner of The Summit, Brian Maher! Brian attended Elon University where he majored in exercise/sport science and worked as a personal trainer in the fitness center in Elon’s Campus Recreation program. In 2009, Brian moved to Philadelphia and founded The Summit Fitness Studio as an in home personal training business and worked as an in home personal trainer until 2014, when he opened The Summit Fitness Studio’s first gym in Center City. 

Brian Maher - Owner of The Summit at Rittenhouse


Where are you from?

High Bridge, NJ


What motivated you to be a personal trainer?

I was also very active when I was younger, but a devastating knee injury forced me to rehab and develop more strength to become a better athlete. As time went on, I became more and more interested in learning how to increase strength and prevent injury. 


What’s your favorite healthy meal? 

Grilled turkey wrap with avocado and salsa.


Favorite “cheat” meal?

Penne sausage


What’s one thing you wish everyone who signed up with a personal trainer knew about the process?

That it takes time. There are too many weight loss programs that promise immediate results and I believe it’s very damaging to a healthy mindset. In many cases, falling out of shape didn’t happen overnight, it took several years of inactivity and poor diet. To believe that you can transform your body in a matter of a few weeks is setting yourself up for failure. 


Favorite exercise?

Overhead press


What destination is #1 on your bucket list?

New Zealand


Favorite tv show all time?

Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Anything with Larry David. 


When someone finds out you own a personal training studio, what question do they always ask you?

“How do I lose this?” (grabs belly or arm fat)


What’s the number one thing you see other personal trainers doing wrong when with a client?

When I work out at my local gym, I usually see trainers prioritizing giving their clients exercises they’ve never seen before over exercises that will actually yield results. So many trainers are afraid clients will leave if they ever repeat an exercise but the most basic exercises have been popular for a reason, they get incredible results when done correctly. 


Why did you decide to start your own business?

When I first came to Philly, I interviewed at a few gyms for a Personal Training Manager role. While interviewing, every gym told me the key to success was to hire low quality trainers who earned low wages, and pocket the rest for the gym. Not only did I take this as an insult to my own profession because they clearly didn’t see the impact a good trainer could have, I knew it would give a sub par product to the client, which would waste their time and potentially put them in harm’s way. Since I didn’t agree with any of the philosophies of these gyms, I decided to branch off on my own. 


What makes The Summit different from other gyms or studios?

Most gyms and studios have pre-set, pre-determined workout programs that trainers apply to the clients, no matter their goals or situation. Ownership or management then oversees the trainers and makes sure they’re applying the program to the client. By hiring trainers that are highly educated and know their craft, I feel it’s important to trust the trainer and give them autonomy to apply the correct exercises for each individual client, so the client can experience individualized results. 


If you’re looking to find a personal trainer in Philadelphia who will give you results, contact The Summit today!