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Meet the Trainer – Nick

Get to know personal trainer, Nick Steinley! Nick is an experienced personal trainer in Philadelphia who has been on staff since January of 2019.  


Where are you from?

West Chester, Pa


What motivated you to be a personal trainer?

I worked in a gym when I was younger and developed a passion in helping others learn how to properly exercise. Once I became old enough, I started training people.


What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Chicken and rice


Favorite “cheat” meal?

Pepperoni pizza


What’s one thing you wish everyone who signed up with a personal trainer knew about the process?

It takes longer than you want it to.


Favorite exercise?

Back squats


How do you keep your clients motivated?

I ask for constant updates. I want to make sure they’re enjoying their workouts, answer any questions they have and make any adjustments to their workouts if needed.


What’s the number one thing you see other personal trainers doing wrong when with a client?

Not correcting poor form


When someone finds out you’re a personal trainer, what question do they always ask you?

Aren’t the hours long? Sometimes but it’s worth it.


What destination is #1 on your bucket list?

Wherever in Europe has the best skiing.


Favorite tv show all time?

Hawaii Five-O


What are some qualities of the best personal trainers?

Confidence, patience, and the ability to make anyone happy/comfortable.


To work with Nick or one of our other talented trainers, call us at 267-455-0100 or contact us today to work with the best personal trainers in Philadelphia!