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At The Summit Fitness Studio, we’ve helped dozens of clients make the transformation they’ve always wanted. A healthier body, a more energetic lifestyle, and a more positive outlook are all best achieved through thorough training and comprehensive nutrition at our gym in Philadelphia. However, what is the benefit of doing it through a personal trainer compared to doing it on your own? Training plans like strength training, are built to your needs and progress. This means that you’re always losing weight and gaining muscle without losing momentum, but without pushing yourself

Personal trainers and their clients have a close, intimate relationship. For this reason, it’s vital to get your choice of personal trainer right. Take a look at some of these tips on how to choose a personal trainer. Investigate Their Qualifications - Do They Line Up with Your Needs? Personal trainers all have varying qualifications. If you’re just looking to get fit, lose weight, or build muscle, then a personal trainer with basic training may suffice. However, if you’re working through an injury, have special requirements, or need advanced training then you’ll need

If you’re investing time, energy, and money into the pursuit of better fitness and health, you obviously want to reap all the benefits. You want to lose weight. You want to look ripped. You want to be strong and live a high-quality life for a long time. What you don’t want is to wait around forever for all that to happen. If there’s anything you can do to speed up the journey toward your goals, you’ll do it, right? Many fitness-minded people add supplements to their diet and exercise regimen in an

It’s almost been a month since we celebrated the start of 2019, so if your New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape and you’re still hitting the gym regularly, congratulations. You cleared a big hurdle – and avoided becoming a cliche. The first month is absolutely crucial to establishing a new routine. You’re probably already seeing a difference in how you feel during your workouts, and maybe even in those all-important numbers on the scale. That’s good news. The bad news – well, it’s not necessarily “bad” – is that the

"I’m sore…in a good way.” If you’ve worked out in a gym for any length of time, you’ve probably heard someone say this. You’ve also probably heard quite a few people discuss their muscle soreness because it’s something we all experience, and striving to get in shape can be considered a kind of shared suffering. You’re sore? I can relate! Now we’re friends! Then, there’s the whole “badge of honor” attitude people tend to have about soreness, as if you only truly worked out if you’re unable to walk the next day. So

Self-myofascial release can be an incredible tool to have for your workouts and your recovery. For those who don’t know what it is, myofascial release is soft tissue therapy and is often used for the treatment of muscle pain and immobility. Most commonly, it comes in the form of a foam roller and it focuses primarily on the fascia and other connective tissues in the body, similar to a massage. Myofascial release is used as an alternative treatment for chronic back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, scoliosis, restriction of motion,

It’s easy to feel like you’re not working out hard enough, but it’s also just as easy to push too hard during your workouts. Both could negatively affect your results in the gym. At The Summit Fitness Studio, our personal trainers in Rittenhouse believe the tests in this article will help readers decide whether they’re exercising too hard or not working out hard enough. Talk Test. The first and easiest way to test your intensity is to do the “talk test” during your next workout. If you’re on a bike or a treadmill, you should be

Each new year, millions of Americans plan out their fitness goals. Whether it be part of their New Year’s resolution or a desire for the perfect beach body, many people start with good intentions but fall short on the follow through. As experienced personal trainers in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, we’ve created this list to highlight the most common reasons why people abandon their fitness programs and how our trainers can help you stay on track. LACK OF TIME Lack of time is one the most common reasons for quitting a fitness program. The modern work schedule doesn’t

Nothing will put a hold on your fitness progress like a sudden injury. A new injury could rear its ugly head if you’ve been neglecting stretching before or after each workout or if you’re using poor form. There are a number of different fitness mistakes people make that can lead to injury, and in this blog, we’ll share some of the most common ones we see as personal trainers, so you can avoid these mistakes and stay healthy as you work to reach your fitness goals.   MISTAKE #1: DOING TOO MUCH

Are you trying to lose weight, but every time you step on the scale you’re getting disappointed and losing your motivation? Don’t give up just yet! There are a variety of reasons as to why, even when you think you’re doing everything right, you’re not shedding the weight. Don’t sabotage your weight loss, keep reading below to see where you might need to make simple adjustments to your routine. 1. YOU’RE NOT CONSUMING ENOUGH CALORIES Most diets tell you that you need to cut as many calories as you can. For some people,