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According to a recent study conducted by Iowa State University, “Weightlifting is good for your heart and it doesn’t take much,” and spending at least one hour a week lifting weights can reduce a person’s risk of a stroke or heart attack by 40-70 percent. How is this possible? Weight training increases resistance in muscles and increases blood flow which, in turn, lowers the individual’s risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol. DC Lee, who was one of the researchers involved in the study, said “the results are encouraging, but will people make

When it comes to getting fit, you typically have two options: get a gym membership or contact a private training studio. Both offer top-notch facilities with all the amenities you could need for your workout. There are, however, a few glaring differences between the two that our personal trainers want you to understand. While you can get in shape at the gym, it may not be the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. Check out the infographic below to learn the advantages of a private training studio versus a gym,

Water is an essential nutrient that our bodies rely on for a wide range of functions. When you’re exercising, managing your water intake is critical for making the most of your workout. Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or have other fitness goals like weight loss, weight gain, or improving endurance, water plays a vital role in the results you get from your workouts. Learn about some of the key benefits of drinking water during your workout in the infographic below, and contact The Summit Fitness Studio to train with the best personal trainers

What does your current exercise routine look like? Are you spending hours on the treadmill? Do you strictly lift and skip cardio altogether? What if our Rittenhouse personal trainers told you that with a few small tweaks to your daily workouts you can see big results? It’s called working out smarter, not harder. While hitting the gym six times a week is great, if your workouts aren’t catered to your goals, you are purely wasting your time. Save time and get all the gains when you contact The Summit Fitness Studio. We have some

Have you ever tried to do two things at once? For example, eating breakfast while driving to work. Whatever you are eating would probably taste much better if you were sitting down at the table, focusing on your meal, rather than the traffic around you. Or how about writing an email while watching your favorite TV show? You probably have to rewind quite a few times because you missed something! What we are trying to say is that you can never do multiple tasks as well as doing just one. This

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated. Just because the gym is full of large, expensive workout machines it doesn’t mean they’re the answer to your fitness needs. For many of us, simple bodyweight exercises can help build strength, increase flexibility, and improve overall health and fitness. Plus, they are incredibly convenient and can be done just about anywhere! In the infographic below, we’ll give eight reasons why you should consider doing bodyweight exercises if you don’t already, so you get the results you desire faster and easier than ever

Everyone’s fitness journey is different. While one person may be trying to slim down, another person may be trying to bulk up. Ultimately though, fitness success lies in a couple of common factors and they are hard work, consistency, and a healthy, balanced diet. Sounds simple enough right? Go to the gym, work hard, and eat right. For some, this basic equation for fitness success is easy, but for others – not so much. For those who struggle to stay consistent, need that extra push in the gym, and/or can’t seem

At The Summit Fitness Studio, we get this question a lot: What’s better for me, cardio or strength training? And we wish the answer were that simple, but it’s not. Nowadays, choosing cardio or strength training should be based around an individual’s goals. While some people are looking to burn fat and drop weight, others want to build their speed and endurance. If you’re looking to make the most out of your workouts and achieve your goals, call The Summit Fitness Studio today! Together we can take the first step in taking control of your health. Schedule

Crunches are key to rock hard abs. Cardio first and strength training second. If you’re a woman and lift heavy, you are going to get bulky. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who attend the gym regularly, watch what you eat religiously, and still aren’t seeing the results that are being promised to you — chances are you’ve fallen victim to one of the many exercise myths circulating the fitness industry today. The Summit Fitness Studio is here today to set the record straight. We asked each of our certified personal trainers

Gyms are crowded, impersonal, and if we’re being honest, not the most welcoming places for many people looking to lose weight or get in shape. As someone who cares deeply about fitness, you deserve a personal training studio that provides you with a one on one experience and personalized plan based around your ability. That’s just what we do at The Summit Fitness Studio. In fact, learn more about some of the benefits of choosing a trainer in our infographic below!